What is CW-Quick Pay? 

Think of it as a digital paper order form that comes straight to Charleston Wrap - and you pay for it digitally as well with a credit card, Apply Pay, or PayPal! This feature is only accessible to organizations that are running a catalog sale and able to receive catalog product shipments at the organization location. If the organization is running a virtual sale only, this feature is not available. All orders placed through CW-Quick Pay will be shipped back to the organization for distribution to the participants. The outside of the product box will have the participant’s name and grade/teacher (if applicable)

A CW-Quick Pay order is NOT considered an Online Order*

*Remember, if you want access to over 2,500 products, you can invite supports to shop online using our Sharing Tools found in the Participant Dashboard. Online orders ship directly to the purchaser. 

How to Use CW-Quick Pay:

1. Register the participant at registercw.com*. Only the parent or participant should do this step. If you need assistance, check out the FAQ called "How do I register a participant(s) and share their shopping link." 

*If you've already registered, then revisit your Participant Dashboard by going to registercw.com and click on "Check Progress".

2. After registration, the parent/participant will receive a text message that gives them access to the Participant's Dashboard (which contains CW-Quick Pay). 

3.Once the parent/participant receives the link to access the Participant's Dashboard, then they will click the Quick Pay button.”



4. Simply have your supporter scan the QR code, or you can type in the supporter's phone number to send them a link to access CW-Quick Pay.

5. Once the supporter scans the QR code, or clicks on the link, they'll see the featured catalog. They'll simply click on the catalog and add items to their cart. When they are ready to check out, they can submit payment via Credit Card, Apple Pay, or PayPal. 

6. The order will be received digitally at Charleston Wrap so please DO NOT WRITE CW-QUICK PAY ORDERS ON A PAPER ORDER FORM. The order will be inside the participant's box and will be delivered to the organization with the catalog shipment.